Marta Thoma Hall

Helping You Transform Your Business And Organization

Meaningful change and organizational growth are possible through effective and responsible leadership. In a continuously evolving atmosphere, the only permanent thing is the change that requires you to have a reliable partner who can see where you are and take you where you want to go.

Marta Thoma Hall, using her 11 years of experience running Velodyne Lidar Inc, helps leaders to polish their leadership capabilities and build stronger teams that live up to the expectations. Her acute marketing, business development, and leadership skills will help you turn around your organization’s fortune.






About Marta Thoma Hall

Marta grew up in Nebraska and moved to the Bay area in her teens. Once she graduated with a Degree in Fine arts from UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University, she started teaching as an art teacher and illustrator in a college. Later she switched to painting and public art. Her work was greatly admired and well-received. Winning an Artist Residency Award was a turning point in her life. Her residency required her to create a stand-alone sculpture using materials from the dump.

Apart from her art, she shares leadership of the technical business with her husband, David Hall. She was the president of Velodyne Lidar Inc., running the company for 11 years with CEO and co-founder David Hall.

Marta Thoma Hall

Supporting You To Maximize Your Influence And Drive Results

From leadership training and presentation skills to influencing skills, conversational skills, and decision-making, Marta Thoma Hall assists you in all. Fortunately for you, Marta’s command and knowledge of marketing and business development skills will help you forge ahead in this realm too.

You have the best business coach at your disposal with someone as experienced and as well-versed in the corporate world as Marta Thoma Hall. Become more confident of your abilities and learn to manoeuvre through the complex business and organizational requirements with Marta Thoma Hall.


A Leader Changes Vision Into Reality

Using technology, psychology, experience, and expertise, Marta Thoma Hall empowers professionals, turning them into better leaders and creating effective teams which are able to produce innovative and inclusive cultures for the growth and development of the organization. Develop dynamic leadership qualities that produce meaningful and measurable results. Working with Marta Thoma Hall is a life-altering experience which empowers you to tackle any organizational crisis with remarkable authority and even reduce its occurrence.
Helping You Achieve Outcomes That Matter Most To Your Organization

It is now more than ever that businesses require leaders who practice and impart resiliency, determination, and vision in the midst of a constantly changing environment. Marta Thoma Hall, through her leadership development program, helps you develop a cohesive and effective management system by putting together teams that sail through challenging times.


Marta Thoma Hall puts to use her experience in the business world by guiding leaders to leverage their innate strengths, create collaborative teams, and hone their interpersonal communication skills. Being a receiver of the Influential Business Award in 2019, Marta Thoma Hall certainly has some insightful information to share.